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Short Edgy Emo Hairstyles Fashion For Teen Girls  

Monday, February 1, 2010

Many teens and young adults have chosen to adopt the so-called “emo” style. This includes a distinctive style of dress, makeup, accessorizing, and, of course, hair. Since the goal of the emo look is to express one’s individuality, there are many diverse ways to wear the emo style.

Short Emo Hair for Girls

For hair, either long or short will do. However, many emo girls may fear choosing a short style. The main reason is that they want to retain their femininity. However, there are great emo ‘dos that can still be sexy and expressive despite being cropped short. When choosing a short emo cut, the key is to crop hair asymmetrically.

Short Emo Hair

Rather than have your short locks be all one length, include a variety of lengths and layers. This creates a wild, confident style. Bangs are also a major feature of a short emo cut. They should be fairly long, parted to one side, and hang below eye level. Once you have the cut, it’s time to create your own unique style. Short emo cuts look great in a variety of bold colors from black to platinum. Adding highlights and streaks creates some flair as well. Finally, using a light gel to tousle hair gives your ‘do an edgy look. Related Posts with Thumbnails

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