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Haircut styles: Emo Hairstyling for Girls  

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Haircut styles presents Emo Hairstyling for Girls

Emo style is that shaggy dog, just tumbled out of bed look. On everyone it looks different. The style is sexy, playful and unique. Emo style is about creativity and versatility. But there is a secret to emo style. Emo style is defined by each spiky tendril, unkempt and loose sweeping strand, but to truly effect a striking result that sets you apart from everybody else what you should know about an emo hair beforehand is that emo stylehair looks unruly, but actually is a high maintenance and strategically styled creation.

Emo hair styles works on all hair lengths from short buzzed hair to long and loose. It can be a shag with lots of layers, an asymmetrical cut or shaved in the back. You can have eye length, or layered bangs that softly frame the face, you can create your own unique emo sweep at the front, or sport a long, peek-a-boo fringe brushed to one side. Radical colors are a perfect way to redefine the emo hairstyle; deep, rich and contrasting colors, highlights in unusual colors, thick streaks of color and highlights at the tips add dimension to your style.

Emo styles work well with many face shapes but in some cases emo styles don’t work well with a round face. Layers and strange cuts can be hard to maintain. For a more sculpted emo look the cut should always be done by a professional. You can bring a picture of your favorite emo hairstyle and discuss your personal preferences with them. Discuss your expectations. Have a clear picture of the hairstyle you hope to effect. Be clear about what you like or dislike. Make sure your hairstylist is familiar with the emo hairstyle. Discuss what your hair routine will be. How much time will be spent in styling your hair? What products and tools will you need to maintain your style? Ask your hairstylist to show you how to style it.

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