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Boys Haircuts - Fall Winter 2008 - 2009  

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boys’ hairstyles are usually less socially demanding than adult’s hairstyles. It is quite normal and acceptable for a young boy or teenager to have his hair in a more unusual or excentric hairstyle.For young boys, the choice of hairstyle remains with the parents, at least until adolescence. At that age the boys will usually take a very personal and strong attitude toward their hairstyle, and may experiment through many different styles until they settle with one to their liking.

So, for boys until the age of ten or thirteen, the possible hairstyles all fall down within three basic cuts: the crew cut, the comb down or the side sweep. The most important thing is to keep young boys’ haircuts short and simple, because they tend to be very active and get very dirty.
The crew cut is especially suited for energetic boys, since it will not get in their eyes and won’t easily get caught on anything. It is simple to make several variations of it, depending on how long it is kept, and whether it is made to be spiky or not.

The comb down is a very simple cut to achieve, and also very practical and versatile for several everyday activities. It is styled by cutting the hair slightly above the eyebrows and then cutting it down, leaving it a bit longer on the sides and back.The side sweep is the most versatile of all, since it is done with the hair cut at a longer length, then swept to either side of the head. It is more appropriate for less active children, but will provide with a more adult look.

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