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Best Haircut styles presents Sedu hair  

Saturday, July 11, 2009

In the first part of Sedu Hair, we’ll explain the meaning of the word Sedu
Words “sedu hairstyle” are related with silky and straight hairstyle, usually known and used by Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham. Word Sedu refers to the tool made by the company of the same name.

So, the sedu hairstyles are mainly straight hairstyles, but the thing is that this style does not have to be necesarily created using a Sedu straightener or another hair tool. Some women use the hair with this style really long, but other women uses it super short.

The Sedu ceramic flat iron is what you need to create those perfect sedu hairstyles. The Sedu flat iron is the best ceramic flat irons anywhere on the market and is preferred by top hair stylists. The Sedu straightens, smoothes and tames frizzy hair for long lasting results. Sedu’s patented ultra smooth ceramic/tourmaline plates guarantee a smooth straightening motion without pulling or breaking of hair while also cutting hair straightening time in half! It’s three times smoother than an ordinary ceramic flat iron. The reason the Sedu iron works so well to create stunning hairstyles is the amount of negative ions it produces from the unique materials in its plates. It’s many features make it the ceramic fflat iron of choice for the world’s professional hair stylists, and the sedu hairstyles it produces are amazing.

Sedu hairstyle How to:

  • Wash hair with a conditioning shampoo and towel dry flat and use your leave in conditioner.
  • Separate your hair into 2″ sections and blow dry with a round brush, starting near the back and working around to the front on both sides. Blow dry hair in half-inch pieces.
  • To create extra volume, hold brush in the hair near the scalp for 4-6 seconds and then move the brush down and through to the ends of the hair.
  • To create a super straight finish, use the Sedu Flat Iron to touch up any areas that require a smoother texture.
  • Spray lightly with the hair spray. Finish with a shine serum. Apply to the palms of your hands and lightly brush across the surface of your hair.

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