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Emo Fashion Styles For Emo Girls  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Emo Fashion for Emo Girls

Girls who ascribe to the emo style tend to dress quite differently from their non-emo peers. Unlike many other girls, emo females do not aim to show off their sexuality through their outfits. They wear clothes that suit their mood and feelings.

Emo Fashion

These generally include very slim fitting outfits consisting of jeans and tees. However, they fail to reveal a lot of skin. Emo girl jeans are usually of a darker wash or may even be black. As for their shirts, graphic tees are quite popular, as are striped shirts. Another option is to add a vest or men’s tie to one’s shirt. Additionally, emo girls tend to wear canvas sneakers and shoes. Sandals and heels are not a part of the emo style.
Emo Girls Walking By...

For that matter, neither are shorts or skirts in most cases. To accessorize, emo girls wear wristbands, studded belts, and abstract necklaces. Emo girls do not wear expensive jewelry or any accessories made of gold and silver.

Emo Shoes

Although they usually wear earrings, these are expressive with large, plastic shapes in dark tones. Finally, emo girls may finish their fashion off with a purse or tote. However, these are not the fancy, leather bags others sometimes choose. Instead, they are generally of a bold, vintage design.

Emo Trendy Fashion

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