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Emo Boys Fashion Hairstyles  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Emo Fashion for Boys

Achieving the perfect emo look means wearing the right clothes. This is true for both guys and girls. For boys, the style starts with one’s choice of jeans. Emo boys generally wear straight, skinny cut jeans rather than the baggier denim traditionally sold to males. These tight-fitting jeans look great with any of the traditional emo tops for boys.

Emo guys can choose a simple, dark colored, tee. This can be plain, but usually has some sort of expressive graphic or slogan. Other guys opt for something with more personality. Some emo guys like to wear tight sweaters or vests over a tee, or add a fitted blazer. As for the shoes, emo boys wear canvas sneakers, like Converse.

These can be personalized with artwork or patterns. Additionally, emo guys know how to accessorize. Studded belts are one popular option as are thick framed glasses. Cuff bracelets also look great with a tee and a clashing tie can also dress up any look. Some guys finish off their look with some makeup, like dark eyeliner, or facial piercings. Ultimately, though, emo boys fashion is about personal expression and style. Therefore, it is as varied as the individuals who wear these clothes.

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